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mardi 2 décembre 2014

ONE OK ROCK (ワンオクロック) ~ Le Zenith. Paris.


Support Act : Mallory Knox Band - TONIGHT ALIVE


Jinsei×Boku= (人生×僕= Jinsei Kakete Boku wa, lit. Life Times Me Equals) is the sixth full-length album by the Japanese band, One Ok Rock. It was released on March 6, 2013 and managed to reach second place on the Oricon weekly chart. 

Toru (山下 亨 Yamashita Tōru) :  Leader and guitarist, Vocals.
Taka (森田 貴寬 Morita Takahiro) : Main vocalist.
Ryota (小浜 良太 Kohama Ryōta) : Bass.
Tomoya (神吉 智也 Kanki Tomoya) : Drums.

The Setlist 
 ONE OK ROCK (ワンオクロック)

Intro Jam (w/o Taka)
Deeper Deeper (Jinsei×Boku= - 2013)
Nothing Helps (Jinsei×Boku= - 2013)
Re:make (Zankyo Reference - 2011)
Clock Strikes (Jinsei×Boku= - 2013)
Jam sesh (w/o Taka)
Mighty Long Fall (Single - 2014)
Be the light (Jinsei×Boku= - 2013)
Decision (Single - 2014)
NO SCARED (Zankyo Reference - 2011)
The Beginning (Jinsei×Boku= - 2013)


Wherever you are (Niche Syndrome - 2010)

Time Set: 1h07


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