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jeudi 29 janvier 2015

EPICA - DRAGONFORCE ~ L'Olympia. Paris.


Maximum Overload is the sixth studio album by British power metal band DragonForce, which was released in Europe on 18 August 2014.The album was produced by Jens Bogren. It is also the last DragonForce album with drummer Dave Mackintosh, who announced his departure from the band on 3 June 2014. 

The Quantum Enigma is the sixth studio album by Dutch symphonic metal band Epica. It was released on May 2, 2014. It is their first studio album with new bassist Rob van der Loo, who replaced Yves Huts in 2012.


Marc Hudson – lead vocals (2011–present)
Herman Li – guitar, backing vocals (1999–present)
Sam Totman – guitar, backing vocals (1999–present)
Frédéric Leclercq – bass, backing vocals (2005–present)
Vadim Pruzhanov – keyboard, keytar, synthesizer, theremin, backing vocals (2001–present)
Gee Anzalone – drums (2014–present)



  Mark Jansen – rhythm guitar, grunts, screams (2002–present)
Coen Janssen – synthesizer, piano (2002–present)
Simone Simons – lead vocals (2003–present)
Ariën van Weesenbeek – drums, grunts, spoken words (2007–present)
Isaac Delahaye – lead guitar, backing vocals (2009–present)
Rob van der Loo - bass (2012–present)

The Setlist 

Fury of the Storm (Sonic Firestorm -2004)
Three Hammers (Maximum Overload - 2014)
The Game (Maximum Overload - 2014)
Seasons (The Power Within - 2012)
Symphony of the Night (Maximum Overload - 2014)
Valley of the Damned (Valley of the Damned - 2003)
Cry Thunder (The Power Within - 2012)
Through the Fire and Flames (Inhuman Rampage - 2006)

Time Set: 0h56


The Setlist

Originem (Intro) (The Quantum Enigma - 2014)
The Second Stone (The Quantum Enigma - 2014)
The Essence of Silence (The Quantum Enigma - 2014)
Unleashed (Design Your Universe - 2009)
Storm the Sorrow (Requiem for the Indifferent - 2012)
Fools of Damnation (The Divine Conspiracy - 2007)
Martyr of the Free Word (Design Your Universe - 2009)
The Obsessive Devotion (The Divine Conspiracy - 2007)
Victims of Contingency (The Quantum Enigma - 2014)
The Last Crusade (Consign to Oblivion - 2005)
Cry for the Moon (The Phantom Agony - 2003)
Drum Solo by Ariën van Weesenbeek

 Design Your Universe (Design Your Universe - 2009)


Sancta Terra (The Divine Conspiracy - 2007)
Unchain Utopia (The Quantum Enigma - 2014)
Consign to Oblivion (Consign to Oblivion - 2005) 

Time Set: 1h41


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